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Election 2019: Filipinos Vote for the Daughter of the Late President Ferdinand Marcos

election 2019
By: Elena Grace Flores

The rising popularity of senatorial candidate, Imee Marcos this election 2019 is phenomenal. It can’t make reputable media, CNN ignore her. The daughter of the late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos explains that the people are more interested in what she can do to solve the country’s problems. Not the doubt that the opposition’s media launches. This is about her alleged lying on her educational credentials. Gov. Marcos runs on her public service performance, she added.

YouTube video byElena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: See Why Imee Marcos Not Going Easy on Campaigns Despite High Survey Ranking

Election 2019 Top Senator

According to the absentee voting trend overseas, Marcos is likely to land in the top spots of the senatorial race. It is said that her ranking in the election 2019 would determine the acceptance of the majority for a Marcos to lead the country again. Her brother, Bongbong Marcos is now close to getting the decision from the Supreme Court. The PET has to decide if his electoral protest against the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo has merits for it to continue.

The Symbolic Promise

The older Marcos made an alliance with President Rodrigo Du30 even before he ran for the top post in 2016. He mesmerizes that if only Bongbong Marcos is his VP, he already resigned to make him the new leader of the country. He would rather spend more time with his grandchildren than to face the nation’s challenges that someone like the younger Marcos can handle better.

The Ratings that Made the Opposition Cringe

The most likely Senator starts at a very powerful entry to the top 12 spots even before the campaign period. Her brother acts as her proxy when she is somewhere else campaigning for the senatorial position. Here are her excellent ratings: February 2019: 9 to 14 January 2019: 7 to 15 December 2018: 8 to 15 While the absentee voting is ongoing in many country’s where overseas Filipino workers are casting their votes prior to the May 13 elections nationwide, Marcos is one of the favorites if not the number one bet for many Filipinos.

Marcos has the Solutions

The track record of Gov. Marcos is public service can assure Filipinos that she does have the solutions for the major problems of the country. The rising prices of commodities are in control in her area of responsibility. She is hands on to the planning and monitoring of agricultural products. Jobs are not alien to her citizens. Most of all, she inspires people with her wit, charm, and enthusiasm.

She has Answered to the Best of her Knowledge

Whatever the black media propaganda propagates against her is not important anymore. The people are very tired already with the lies of the yellow stalwarts. It’s time to continue the blue print of the great president the country once had. Better yet, the Marcos siblings are given the chance to help this country become great again as per the intention of their nationalistic patriarch.

5 thoughts on “Election 2019: Filipinos Vote for the Daughter of the Late President Ferdinand Marcos

  1. Let the MARCOSES be in the position to lead our country back to be Great again. Let the MARCOSES continue what their late father ( Ex Great Philippine President ) unfinished plan for the betterment of our country be done by his children and grandchildren. The wealth that was saved for the TRUE FILIPINO PATRIOTS and for our beloved country be used for its purpose. DU30 and the MARCOSES are the only right people that will use the wealth for the right purpose and will NOT steal it.
    MABUHAY Manang IMEEsolution !

    They deserve to win

    1. 100% po panalo ang Imee Marcos dahil po sa magin na pangulo c datin apo lakay Marcos milis po ang hangarin sa taon bayan madali kami mga loyasta nakaka sama uli ang mga MARCOS ! Ky po mabut po tyo lahat At mk upo Na rin po ang tunay Na VPresedint ng republican ng philipines ! Na cya ang binoto ng taon bayan Ky po masakit sa mamayan Pilipino Na ann tell now hnfi pa Na bigyan ng husto sya ang amin mga boto Na Saan Na ang katarungan Ilan tson Na po km nga hintay Lang ng diyos po Na c BONgbong Marcos jr ang VPresedint ng philipines Bakit po ! Sana nmn po malis na ang mga mag nanakaw sa mga voto pleass pangulo duterti !inchallah po Na malinis Na po sa nga ng tiwala nmn Sa allah Inchallah AmEN Godblesss to all Pilipino nanalo ang mali din ang hangarin parA sa bayan ng mamayan Pilipino AmEN

  3. The Marcoses are highly capable leaders. They are highly educated, they are well mannered and well trained. They are more inclined in solving problems and applying solutions than to be engaged on dirty politics and nonsense!

  4. Tumpak! Karapatdapat lang manalo para maipagpatuloy nila Bongbong at Imee Marcos ang magandang layunin noon ni Apo President Ferdinand E. Marcos ang mapaunlad ang Mahal na bayang Pilipinas “Philippines will be great again” , the good President’s legacy.

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