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Election lawyer Manny Luna to protest on Comelec’s ruling in sympathy to Lim

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In conjunction with the resignation of Comelec Commissioner Christian Robert Lim’s tomorrow, Election lawyer Manny Luna will also be protesting against the Comelec’s recent ruling accommodating Roxas and the Liberal Party’s SOCE submission extension request.

Luna will be filing the motion for certiorari to protest with the Supreme Court. “It is obvious that Lim is offended by the unlawful accommodation of the en banc majority to favor the LP”; said Luna. This process according to him is a more definite way of protesting than whatt President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s Partido Demokratiko-Lakas ng Bayan’s is doing.

Every citizen has the right to contest anything that jeopardizes the law; he said. The incident proved that the Liberal Party is incapable of doing their basic duty on time despite having all the power and resources; the election lawyer added. Those who voted to grant LP’s request were Commissioners Arthur Lim, Al Parreno, Sheriff Abas and Rowena Guanzon citing sovereign will of the people – which is considered as amending the law.


1 thought on “Election lawyer Manny Luna to protest on Comelec’s ruling in sympathy to Lim

  1. Law is a law and shall never be violated, strict implementation of the law for every country is for the good of the people

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