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Empowering the Filipino People: Love for Data Gathering can be a Good Business

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Real change in a country does not rely on the new set of administration officials only. Enormous progress depends on how each citizen nurture their talents and contribute to the society. One thing is certain; help yourself first before helping others – so here’s a podcast for those people who are into creating, collecting, presenting and distributing data:

Digital analytics practitioner, social media marketer and blogger plus host of the “Present Beyond Measure” podcast explains how her love for data has led her into venturing in public speaking engagements that made her go places. See her guidelines in creating great presentation as well. Understanding your audience and their objectives are vital in every presentation that you will be making in your life.

Listen to this podcast and be fascinated with how Lea Pica made used of her data gathering talent, built up her presentation skills and become one of the best consultants in this field:

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