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Enrile: If He Had the Chance Before He would Rather Kill all the Yellow Culprits for Marcos


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Juan Ponce Enrile is old enough not to tell the truth. He said that aiding in Ferdinand E. Marcos’ stepping down was necessary for life preservation at that time when no one is safe especially the late president and former first lady Imelda Marcos. The people’s outrage were uncontrollable but if given the chance again, he would turn the military against the yellow culprits headed by his friend’s widow, Corazon Aquino.

Youtube video by; Duterte Nations Pride
[VIDEO]: Senator Juan Ponce Enrile Pours his heart out that if only he’s given a chance again, he would rather kill all they yellow culprits – but at that time what he did was necessary for the good of the people and the Marcoses.

Martial Law Scare?

The Liberal Party must be really stupid believing that president Duterte can just proclaim martial law just like that. The constitution has been changed and it will not only take a lot of time now but it will go through different arguments, hands and senatorial involvements; said Enrile.

Martial Law Victims

Those who claim that they are victims of Martial Law should only file a case. Protesters who claimed as such must show proof of their lawsuit then it can be dealt with. The so-called Mendiola Massacre was a lie. If it was a massacre, there should be lawsuits filed – but there was none.

Ex-President Noynoy

Enrile cannot find substance in ex-president Noynoy Aquino. There was nothing he can contribute and his speeches do not give any ideas or important things for the country to improve.

Marcos Forever

The veteran politician only did what is good for the people with the blessings of Ferdinand E. Marcos himself. The strongman stepped down believing that it will prevent bloodshed as suggested by Enrile. They remain allies until the end despite Enrile surviving under the Aquinos for many years.

4 thoughts on “Enrile: If He Had the Chance Before He would Rather Kill all the Yellow Culprits for Marcos

  1. I hated Enrile before but now I understand and believe him , it’s not too late Senator to testify what really happened that time I’m 60 yrs old now and still remember how good out life during FEM regime

  2. Thank you Senator Enrile for telling the TRUTH.God Bless you more.

  3. Wow God always and May dear.god PROTECT from.anyharm by those people’s TRAITORS.aquinos famlies. Jesus name I pray amen. ..

  4. If they have been for the peace of the nation and did not join the rebellious group they will never experienced what they have gone through , they should not blame marcos he declared martial law because it was the best thing for him to do that time, he protected the people against the rebellious group causing the death of many we all know worst happens in the philippines after the revolutionary act in edsa. That was a very big mistake of the filipinos

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