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Enrile: Ferdinand Marcos is Pro-Democracy while Ninoy Aquino is for Communism


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Juan Ponce Enrile propagates his wisdom once more as one of the witnesses of the country’s politics and governance in the last 50 years. He firmly says that if the late Ferdinand Marcos refrains from imposing Martial Law, the country will be much poorer than how it is today. We can’t even have television.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Senator Enrile discloses that if Marcos got scared or dumb not to pursue Martial Law, Philippines will be under Communism which is a serious kind of dictatorship.

Ferdinand Marcos is Pro-Democracy

Communism is the worst kind of dictatorship, according to Enrile. Marcos is pro-democratic and fought so hard to preserve democracy. On the other hand, Ninoy Aquino connives with Joma Sison, the communist head from the University of the Philippines for support during his presidential bid.

Joma Sison could be the Real Dictator if not of Marcos

The Liberal Party refers to the late Marcos as the dictator but according to Enrile. If not for Marcos democracy is long gone. In an earlier report, Enrile mentioned that he was invited by Ninoy Aquino for a meeting with Joma Sison. However, he made it clear to Ninoy that Marcos knew about the meeting and he is obliged to report the details of the meeting as his Defense Secretary.

Liberal Party Had an Alliance with the Communist Party

Ninoy Aquino’s quest to replace Marcos as the president made him make a deal with Joma Sison. He made Enrile a witness to that. This is in line with Marcos’ stand that he was forced to declare Martial Law because there was anarchy in the country. The opposition headed by Aquino side by side with Joma Sison actually created the stir and chaos in the country. Order must be re-installed through military rule.

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Joma Sison was a UP Professor

Young students at the University of the Philippines are often ridiculed because they love to protest even if they do not know the agenda. This can be the influence of ex-UP professors and alumni that are supporting their own communist comrade.

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