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Enrile: How America Controls the Philippines Since Ferdinand Marcos

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

Marcos, like Duterte, also blocked from buying arms from US over rights issues

America’s Control Since Ferdinand Marcos

The two popular presidents, Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Ferdinand E. Marcos received unfair treatment from the USA when it comes to enhancing military capability. Duterte lashes out to former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile what Congress said. That America won’t sell to the country 20,000 more Armalites because of the alleged human rights violation accusation. These might be used to kill the citizens of the country. Enrile laughs his head off and said: They also do that to Marcos.

Human Rights Violation Accusation is an Excuse

Now, it is clear. The human rights violation accusation against these great leaders is a hoax. It’s America’s way of controlling the Philippines under a brilliant leader. Like what Enrile narrated. Marcos requested some squadron-type vehicles for combat. But the US advised him to just settle with the M5 which is for sports. This is such a rare opportunity that Ferdinand Marcos has a live witness to testify on these things during Duterte’s time.

No Strings Attached

Duterte retaliates to the Americans that if they won’t sell to the Philippines as per the specification of the choppers needed, then he would get them from Russia. They softened. Meanwhile, Enrile also stresses that the Americans only gave their very old helicopters and equipment to Ferdinand Marcos. So, the latter asked them to pay rent for the military bases they occupied. That’s the very reason why they want to destroy Marcos and his successors. When it comes to aiding, there must be no strings attached.

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