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Enrile is a Lawyer and Politician Who Straightens Things Out with Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos


In the Eyes of a Lawyer and Politician

Martial Law was declared because there was anarchy in the country. Not an act of a dictator. Lawyer and former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile stand the test of time to straighten things out with the Late President Ferdinand Marcos’ son. The number of prisoners at that time cannot be all political or anti-democracy in nature. Enrile said that it is more believable if they include trespassers and jaywalkers. There were more killings in the Mendiola massacre during Cory Aquino’s time than in the so-called Martial Law atrocities.


Oligarchy was already a problem even before the Marcos regime. They want to control everything especially the basic utilities, communication, and media. President Marcos continued to balance their influence on the welfare of the people. However, their influence remains until now. They are in big businesses, the senate, congress, and even inside the government.

Liberal Party and the Communists

Ninoy Aquino’s outburst made the Philippines lose Sabah. There was already a coalition between the Liberal Party and the communists. Aquino himself divulged this information to Enrile. As the Minister of Defense at that time, Enrile must lead to avoid the emergence of an alternative government by the rebels. Another threat was the formation of a Junta by the the heads of the military groups. Enrile can be executed. Regardless of the pressure, the order of President Marcos remained not to shoot to disperse crowds. Thus, making EDSA revolution a bloodless one.

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