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Enrile: Public Safety Requires Martial Law, Country is in Chaos


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile fully supports the President’s martial law declaration. Considering the external factors of terrorism and rebellion plus the illegal violence in Marawi and elsewhere in the country, even the Supreme Court cannot stop its implementation.

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Not Automatic

The declaration of martial law under the new constitution does not cancel the writ of habeas corpus automatically. The president must issue a separate resolution to do that. This would allow imprisonment without trials just like during Marcos’ time. However, in the case of rebellion, the law says that when the country is in chaos, it must be intercepted to regain peace and order through military rule.

Human Rights Preservation

The public should know that the new Constitution itself provides ample measures to ensure the responsible implementation of martial law. The President’s pure intention to protect his people by maintaining peace and order and public safety is enough to guarantee for Filipinos not to be alarmed.

External Factor

The world is threatened by terrorism brought about by ISIS. This is the same during the Marcos regime when communism was propagated aggressively worldwide. Liberal Party members always argue that communist rebels before and Maute insurgents now are not doing acts of sedition. Senator Risa Hontiveros even argued that they are just expressing their idealism. Enrile slammed that reasoning and said that if there is illegal violence committed, the president must use his power to save the country.

Complicated Provisions

Enrile, however, suggests to the president that he must avoid the martial law nationwide. This is not to complicate things. It is best to be selective per region to avoid too many legal hassles. For now, the leader must concentrate on solving the problems of the country. Leave the legality to the Congress.

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