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Enrile Slams Calls for Bongbong Marcos to Apologize over Martial Law: Warns that the Aquinos’ Have No Substantial Idea


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Why are the Aquinos’ angry of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile? Is that because he is the architect of Martial Law? They adopted a provision in the 1987 constitution that allows Martial Law but contains several provisions to ensure that due process is followed and warrantless arrests may only be conducted upon fulfilling certain conditions. What are they worried about President Digong declaring it just like the late Ferdinand Marcos? Where are their brains? These are Enrile’s questions to the Aquino faction. The Suspension of the Writ can do it, adds Enrile. Bongbong Marcos need not apologize about it because it’s constitutional.

Youtube video by; Alon Dy
[VIDEO]: Sen. Enrile Frustrated Over Cory Aquino Administration

Suspension of the Writ

The Suspension of the Writ states that in the case of invasion or rebellion, the President may suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus for a period not exceeding sixty days only when the public safety requires it – or place the Philippines or any part of the country under martial law.

Cory Aquino is the Real Dictator

The late Cory Aquino dissolves the 1973 Constitution and establishes a revolutionary constitution.  She arrogates unto herself, the power of legislation and the power of the presidency,” Enrile said. He stresses that the only counterbalancing force to Aquino’s revolutionary government is the Supreme Court. Who’s the real dictator then? On her first cabinet meeting attended by Enrile, she already shows her hollow head.

Martial Law is Constitutional

Enrile shows his disgust over the call for Bongbong Marcos to apologize for the abuses committed during Martial Law. They go to another country to file a case against Marcos because they know that Martial Law is a constitutional act,” Enrile said. They can’t just talk about so many things that happened because if that’s the case, all Filipinos can ask repatriations from the Japanese,” Enrile added. Enrile also questions why every administration after the Marcos administration continues to use the Presidential Decrees of Marcos if they really believe that he is a dictator? Pnoy who attacks the younger Marcos definitely has no substantial idea about Martial Law.

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A Reformist is Crucified – but they are the Working Leaders

What is the purpose of a government if it does not govern? This is what Enrile can say about the criticisms against President Digong. Even Jesus Christ is crucified. The president also knows this because he said that he is willing to go to hell for his people to go to heaven.

2 thoughts on “Enrile Slams Calls for Bongbong Marcos to Apologize over Martial Law: Warns that the Aquinos’ Have No Substantial Idea

  1. A very clear revelation and explanation of Senator Enrile must be brought to the attention of all Filipinos to be enlightened and educated about Martial law and Cory Aquino of replacing the 1973 constitution. The truth must be known that the Aquinos are traitor,liars and hypocrites!

  2. Very well said manong enrile,you are forgiven by the lord of all the things you and ramos have done to the marcos and to the whole narion except to the liberals and the aquinos,they dont know how to forgive and accept failures,i am sure the people in ilocos dont hate you anymore,,sad to say many arw still blindfolded by the lies of the church at the expense of the aquinos

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