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EON Card Renewal a Must to Continue Using Paypal


By: Elena Grace Flores

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I knew that my EON Debit Card is expiring and it was not a surprise seeing a notice from Paypal – that to make sure that there will be no interruptions in my Paypal facility, I must renew beforehand. So, I immediately called the Customer Service hotline of the bank and was told to go to the branch where I opened my account. Then, I found out later on that I could have renewed in any branch convenient to me. Read this other story just to be aware:

Renewals: Domain Registration and Eon Unionbank Debit Card


I had my own custom domain name renewed ( for the 2nd time. The set up was very the same from the first time I had it renewed. Acquiring my own domain was the best decision I ever made for this blog. Although I am not a very active mom blogger,

Advance renewal will cost you 150 Pesos for the card replacement and another 350 Pesos for the annual fee. Just be ready with your government ID card such as driver’s license or passport upon picking the new card up after 3 or 4 working days. It is best to call first if it is ready because it can take at least a week. Whatever you do, just don’t let it expire if you are using Paypal with it.

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