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Estrada follows government of fear: Divisoria without illegal vendors but no Livelihood Alternative

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It is noticeable in this new government that they only focus on the fast superficial results of their actions – than the long-term solutions of the country’s problem. Often, they use force killing not only people but also their means of existence or livelihood. They find it difficult to understand that people needs to live and they would strive despite them abusing their basic rights just to show off their achievements as public servants. Mind you, they already failed in the measure of good governance because public service is undermined in this government of fear.

All the mayor can say is; he wanted the vendors to have livelihood but he never thought of initiating them first before making them disappear from their work place.

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada inspected the successful result of his campaign in temporarily driving away illegal vendors but he knew for sure that he cannot stop them from coming back this coming Christmas season. When it’s true that the streets are for the motorists, where can vendors make a living? That’s the question that the mayor should address to be called a public servant.


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