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Ex-CHR Chair Challenges the DOJ to Make Duterte Accountable


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by ANC 24/7

Etta Rosales condemns President Duterte’s alleged human rights abuses.

DOJ to Make Duterte Accountable

The human rights situation in the country worsens, said Etta Rosales. She’s the Chair Emeritus of the Akbayan party-list. Rosales was also the former chairperson of the CHR. Duterte disregards human rights. He himself exacerbates atrocities. Therefore, the President unleashes a whole pandemic of human rights abuses, added Rosales. So, she then challenges the DOJ to make the President accountable.

Human Rights Abuses

Rosales’ accusations are a debatable matter to Filipinos. Many can attest that Duterte is doing well in making the country safe from criminals. It’s the CHR that seems to defend the law breakers for many. They are notable in siding illegal drug offenders, terrorists, and activists. This is why the President has 91% approval rating. The highest ever in the country or the world in general for a leader. Therefore, they are just free to dream of getting rid of the President. They can never go far.

Crazy and Ugly

The former CHR chair’s criticisms did not stand well with President Duterte. He refers to Rosales as crazy and ugly. Duterte also named some party lists as NPA members or supporters. Clarifying that he is not red-tagging them but directly identifying them. He said that they are legal fronts of the communists, all of them, Makabayan, Bayan and Gabriela.

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