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Ex-Pnoy, Robredo Admit that EDSA Fails that’s why they Lead Protest


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ex-Pnoy said that during his term, Feb 25 is for EDSA celebration but this time, it is a protest of some sort because of alleged undemocratic treatments to those who speak against the perceived human rights violations of the government. This is a clear indication that their riding on to the military mutiny and installing her mother Cory Aquino to the presidency against the will of the real initiator of the event 31 years ago is a waste. Robredo as usual echoes her boss’s sentiments.

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[VIDEO]: Former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and Vice President Leni Robredo were among those who attended the 31st anniversary of Edsa People Power Revolution on Saturday.

Incappable of Dissent?

Vice President Leni Robredo slams the administration for being “incapable of dissent” after Liberal Party senators are suddenly stripped of their committee positions. She emphasizes that “democracy demands dissent.” Robredo warns that to silence critics happens before. It is evident that she refers to martial rule. The Senate can then be an interesting thig to watch for.

Work with the Administration?

The Vice President swears that critical views of the administration cannot be silenced. She embrases her assumption that the administration is incapable of tolerating dissent. She declares that the Liberal Party allegedly put national interest over politics. Therefore, they are determined to work with the current administration which sounds like a bluff.

Robredo is Not Over with Marcos

Robredo compares the Senate’s stripping off of tiles to an administration obsessed with power monopoly.She added that they intend on marginalizing those who oppose the administration’s views. This happens before., she narrated. In the past, this kind of developments pave the way for a one-man rule of Marcos. She promises that they will not be silenced. The nation deserves no less. Democracy demands dissent, she said. So, how can they work with the government?

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Bam Aquino’s Event for All Drama

Bam Aquino who aspires to be president has a different drama. He repeats the administration’s diclosure that EDSA is for all. So, why do their supporters drive away the Du30 Youth Supporters who are just there to show that EDSA is for all? Well, he better ask Jim Paredes about it.

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