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Excuse my French? Get Ready for Bisaya: Abella’s Defense on Duterte’s “Killing” Talk Style

President Duterte

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

If the western world has the term “excuse my French” when swearing, the international community should now understand the native Visayan ways of talking called “Bisaya” in colloquial terms in the Philippines.

Youtube video by; OPLAN TOKHANG
[VIDEO]: Spokesman Ernesto Abella defends Pres.Duterte interview by Mehdi Hasan British political journalist- Abella Defends Duterte.

President Duterte’s Style

In Bisaya, firm and intimate language to emphasize an issue often includes the term “patyon teka ron” – which means “I will kill you.” However, that does not mean literally. In the Visayas. If one Bisaya really wants to kill another person like in ancient times, he is not telling anyone about it. If one announces that he will kill so and so, he is warning the public to comply or else the law will be upon them.

Media should See where Duterte is coming From

President is misjudged in not tolerating delays in implementing the laws of the land. He might swear a lot but as a lawyer and a public servant, he knows the right from wrong. It is also about time that the nationalistic spirit is again enhanced. The colonial mentality of the Filipinos are not helping in making the country better than it should be. This leads other nations to look down on them.

Philippines is a Sovereign Country

Other nations should understand that Philippines is a sovereign country. It is free to implement rules that are right for the country. Regardless of whether the international community who have no idea what’s going on inside the nation understand them. The Filipinos together with the President are not depending on aids from other countries. We have brilliant work force, vast natural resources, and the management supported by the majority at the present time.

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Stop Criticizing the President of the Philippines

If it’s world peace that Duterte’s critics are after, The should come to terms with the President as mandated by the people. Despite surveys showing that people are pro-Americans, most of them are more on pro-Duterte. Meaning to say that whatever the president decides on, he has the public support.

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