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Facebook’s Project Aquila: flying to beam down an internet connection

Project Aguila

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It is not clear why Facebook named their newest venture that involves a high-powered solar aircraft flying remotely for months to beam down an internet connection – to the Philippine Eagle, Aguila but one thing is for sure, like this strong bird, Project Aguila will fly up in the sky and grace it. Facebook is indeed unique because it never stopped to innovate for their users’ benefit without members spending a dime.

BBC wrote: In a warehouse in Somerset, the latest phase in Facebook’s bid for world domination has been taking shape. Or, to put it less dramatically, the social network’s plan to connect millions in developing countries is proceeding. It is called Project Aquila and involves building solar-powered aircraft which will fly for months at a time above remote places, beaming down an internet connection. Two years ago Facebook bought small British business Ascenta, which specialises in solar-powered drones, and its owner Andy Cox is now the engineer running Project Aquila.

It added: At the end of June, the first aircraft produced in that warehouse on an industrial estate in Bridgwater was dismantled and taken in pieces to Arizona. There, it was reassembled for its first flight. The unmanned aircraft, which has the wingspan of a Boeing 737 but is only a third the weight of a typical family car, stayed airborne for 90 minutes and performed well. The fragile structure did suffer some damage when it landed in a stony field some way short of the runway. When it finally goes into service the idea is that it will come to rest on grassland.


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