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Factors that Reduce Life Insurance Premiums

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The rate of life insurance premiums will not depend on your age only but also your medical record and lifestyle. In fact, there are cases that after completing a whole year of risk-free healthy living, insured individuals got their premiums readjusted to their benefit – saving some hard-earned money after being confirmed by thorough investigation by the contracted medical practitioners! See these identified factors that you can avoid for better health and lower life insurance premium:

1. If you are a smoker, consider stop smoking for a year and reapply life insurance coverage for non-smokers.
2. If you drink more than 3 glasses of alcohol daily, try eliminating that habit and qualify for a 50% less expensive life insurance coverage.

3. Make sure that your BMI or Body Mass Index is less than 30 when you apply for life insurance. You are considered overweight if it’s over 30. Make your weight proportion with your height always.
4. Ensure to have a clean driving record. Traffic violation tickets and accidents can increase your premiums to up to 50%.

5. Best life insurance rates can be obtained before you turn 35 but if you are way older than that, backdating your insurance coverage might require you to pay a lump sum. However, the premiums after that will become more affordable.

Being obese can put you at risk with high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases. So, aside from your age that you can’t do something about – focus on having a healthy lifestyle to avail of favorable insurance premium rates!

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