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Is it Family or Fame for UFC’s Silva?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
We can only guess if it’s going to be family or fame for UFC’s Anderson Silva after his recent knee injury captured in this video during his fight with Chris Weidman. His son is advocating for his retirement according to this article from bleacher report. It may seem like a difficult family decision but it is certain that something else is going on in every athlete’s mind who are in situations like this, including Silva. Watch how few minutes of wrong move can get a great athlete in Martial Arts defeated:


Posted at YouTube by: Alexandre Sousa

Injuries are common in sports and professional athletes are taking them as part of the game. It’s not a big deal for them to use this as an excuse to leave the field that they love most over their personal life. This does not mean that they do not care for their family – they just think that they exist because of what they do and for sure their family will understand their priorities as they go along. So, let’s just wait for Silva’s coming back after 5 months or so!

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