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Fariñas can Fake Gov. Marcos’ Document in Congress but still Not a Corruption Case


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The House of Representatives or the lower House of Congress insists on continuing to detain the six Ilocos Norte officials. This is even if the writ of habeas corpus from the Court of Appeals was secured. House Majority Leader Rodolfo C. Fariñas presses on the resource persons to tell the truth. Is implicating Gov. Imee Marcos the truth for Fariñas?

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[VIDEO]: The House committee on good government and public accountability wants Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos to personally explain why the Capitol used P66.45 million in tobacco funds to purchase motor vehicles.

Diversion of Funds?

Although it is unconstitutional to divert funds to another purpose, Marcos’ case here can be similar to Pnoy’s DAP case if the photocopy of the evidence is indeed genuine. It was justified in the Ombudsman that the former President was not guilty of corruption because the money was not pocketed. It’s just a mere mishandling of the process which made Abad liable for it.

Congress Allegation

Marcos faces controversy over the alleged diversion of P66.45 million in public funds from Ilocos Norte’s share of excise tax collections on cigarettes. The money was allegedly used to fund motor vehicles without public bidding. One of the detained officials however attested that there was bidding but Fariñas doubts that.

What is the Truth?

It is clear that Fariñas wants to prove that Marcos deliberately ordered the diversion of funds to implicate her. Nevertheless, it is also very obvious that the six officials are very careful not to give him the satisfaction that he aims for. Since the original document is non-existent, it is also possible that the tobacco funds are not misused. Marcos can also accuse Fariñas of faking the said evidence. Time can only tell.

Will Gov. Imee Marcos Show Up?

House committee on good government and public accountability chairperson Representative Johnny Pimentel warns Governor Marcos that she will be cited for contempt if she fails to attend the hearing on July 25. They even threaten to do a “Dayan” for Marcos. He was the ex-boyfriend of Senator Leila de Lima who at first did not show up on hearings. Will they have the same luck with Marcos?

3 thoughts on “Fariñas can Fake Gov. Marcos’ Document in Congress but still Not a Corruption Case

  1. its just plain and simple dirty politics. bakit ba pinag aaksayahan ng oras ang mga ganitong mga allegations? Kadaming problema ang bumabalot sa bayan, yon ang dapat pagtuunan ng pansin. Kung ginasta ang pera para sa ikabubuti ng mga magsasaka at industriya ano ang problema ni Farinas?

  2. The Congress is for a law making purpose, thus, should not interfere with the function of the Ombudsman and the Sandigang Bayan. Not even the courts of law could not detain anyone whose appreciation only, is lying. It needs proof and evidence before doing so. A lawmaker , being a judgmental, is careless in his function, considering that he is violating the right of a person not to incriminate himself, and the right to remain silent.

  3. The witnesses who were present in the venue when and where the controversial vehicles were released to their recipients said that both Farinas and Aimee Marcos with local officials were also in attendance. This alone Farinas motives is suspect for if really he has dignity and honor with noble intentions why on earth he did not make any noises before when said dealings were in progress and only now that he’s planning to challenge the governorship of Ms Marcos in the next election. You act as if you’re a very clean politician but you failed to answer convincingly the question why your wife Maria Theresa Carlson leaped to her death from a high rise condo in San Juan. Come on congressman Farinas !?!

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