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Farmer Troy Challenges COMELEC to Dispute Atty. Chong’s Evidence


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Showbiz Fanaticz

A farmer names Troy Aventuna challenges COMELEC

Evidence: May 8 Transmission

Farmer Troy Aventuna challenges COMELEC spokesperson James Jimenez. This pertains to the massive fraud by the PCOS machines. It is said that the Liberal Party is the mastermind of such cheating. They are allegedly on cahoots with the COMELEC. He asked: Why is there transmission of results in the server’s audit before the election? Atty. Glenn Chong presents this finding at the Senate.

Media Publicity

Aventuna requests Jimenez not to wait for a general media publicity. He can accept even a tabloid coverage. He dares the COMELEC to dispute Atty. Glenn Chong’s evidence. They are not just mere print outs or photo copies. Chong made sure they are certified. So, the farmer sarcastically jokes: America can immediately transmit election results 10 minutes after the poll. But the Philippines is much better. It can transmit results before the elections!

Answer to Chong’s Allegation

Atty. Glenn Chong’s audit evidence from the machine itself is indisputable. Only fraud is the explanation for this incident. It’s on the records. The early transmissions are coincidentally in the presumptive Vice President’s bailiwicks. Fooling Filipinos is dangerous. They can retaliate in a massive way that can change the world. Watch out for the 2022 elections.

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