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FEM’s Wisdom: Can the Rothschild Theory Trigger World War 3?

World War 3

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Ferdinand E. Marcos’s Wisdom on World War 3: Godly, Patriotic, and Humanitarian
The Rothschild family is a wealthy Jewish family originally from Frankfurt. Mayer Amschel Rothschild established his banking business in the 1760s. The Federal reserve system is America’s central bank but this is under the control of the Rothschild’s based in London. Former President Fidel Ramos’ Central Bank Act of 1993 put the country’s financial system under them. Marcos’s 1949 Central Bank of the Philippines became Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Because of that, the BSP does not have control anymore over the Philippines’ national assets. The country’s gold reserves must now be exchanged for FIAT money for the current banking operations. The countries that are not yet in the system are forced to join after their defeat in every World War 3 threat.

Democracy, Nationalism Bluffs

Patriotic presidents are destroyed to make them embrace the gold-less money. Like what happened to Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Myanmar’s current situation is in line with this. Iran and North Korea will never adhere to this demand. Thus the possibility of World War 3. The anti-Christ strategy of the Rothschilds is carried out by liberal stalwarts. They use fake democracy, human rights, or nationalism propaganda to unseat patriotic leaders. Just like what they are doing with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. The mainstream media also expand their coverage worldwide. Therefore, beware of fake news.

Balancing the World War 3 Threat

Marcos had it all in his slogan. Maka-Diyos, Maka-Bayan, Maka-Kalikasan at Maka-Tao. (Godly, Patriotic, Environmentally-friendly, and Humanitarian). The gold is God’s currency. It takes another Marcos to be strong enough to push the return of the monetary system based on gold reserves. This is the biggest fear of the Rothschild supporters. The great tribulation is in sight according to the bible. Hence, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel for those who have love in their hearts. World War 3 is a possibility but there’s a way to go around or survive it. So, make love – not war.

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