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Ferdinand Marcos Answers CHR: Who Benefitted during the Golden Era?

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores

No one can deny the economic growth of the country during Martial Law. It is indeed the golden era of Marcos.

The Marcos Regime as the Best Thing
The Philippines had the lowest cost of living in Southeast Asia during the time of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos himself said in a video recording that there was no middle class before his regime. The land reforms may not be for the rich but it gave the working-class dignity. This was particular with the farmers that were quite respectable at that time because they toil the lands with the support of the government. Not mere beggars!

Discipline During Martial Law

The controllers of economic wealth were subject to regulations that prevent monopoly and chaos. This is why detractors can only make false accusations of corruption and alleged human rights violations. If Marcos is corrupt, why can he make projects worth more than the country’s economic budget? Also, for the martial law victims of such tortures, they can only point to their direct assailants. Why accuse the president?

The Golden Era’s Economic Points

President Marcos said that no one can deny his positive achievements like the increase of the daily wage from 13 to 15 pesos. The unemployment rate was down from 8% to 4%. Most of all, the inflation which is the enemy of the poor was down from 44% to 7%. Why is CHR turning a blind eye from the public facilities, infrastructure, and advancements for the people that Marcos did if they really exist in protecting them? In fact, most of them still exist until today. Isn’t the welfare of the people a priority for them? Therefore, Filipinos can only look forward to the new Ferdinand Marcos in 2022.

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