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Ferdinand Marcos’ Tainted Reputation is Now Fading during His Son’s Time!


By: Elena Grace Flores
Filipino Future

Bongbong Marcos’ Time
It did not matter if Bongbong Marcos won the last Vice Presidential race or not. Marcos’ son Ferdinand Marcos Jr. or Bongbong is leading in various opinion polls despite his father’s reputation. They are enough to conclude that he has no more traces of the alleged martial law brutality. The media propaganda is certainly fading because of the social media advantage.

Social Media Advantage

Many Filipinos believe that the country needs a strong, no-nonsense leader to help overcome its struggles with corruption, poverty, drugs, and crimes. Young Filipinos who did not experience life martial law are now free of brainwashing. The millennials have no idea what happened in the ’60s and ’70s. They only read from school textbooks. Just 1% of what happened during that time. Therefore, online details easily wipe them out.

End of Marcos Fake News

That damaging reputation propaganda is not any more important now. The people can see that after over the past 2 terms of the Aquino’s the media boast that the Philippines’ annual economic growth rate was above 6%. The country was among the world’s fastest-growing economies. Yet more than a quarter of Filipinos remain impoverished. The extreme gap between rich and poor weighs heavy in the minds of citizens. So, better know Marcos’ truth.

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