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Ferdinand Marcos’s Way: Marriage May Not be Perfect but He Surely Knew how to Love his Wife!

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Arlie Intano

FEM’s Way of Loving

Ferdinand Marcos Said it in a Song

Former President Ferdinand Marcos and First Lady, Imelda Marcos wed on May 1, 1954. This year is their 67th wedding anniversary. Many video clips show how the late leader woes his wife. He always expresses his love for her in a song. Many women can only imagine their husbands doing it for them. But sad to say, not many men have the same charm, confidence, and loving ways as Marcos.

Complimenting Her Youthful Glow

To encourage a woman to preserve her beauty must be through kind words. Complimenting instead of criticizing. Being proud of one’s better half can be uplifting. This would motivate spouses to take care of themselves. Marcos is a role model of men in this aspect. The way he treated his wife overwhelmed people then and now. Thus, overcoming some stories of infidelities popularized by the mainstream media.

A Peculiar Gift from Heaven

The wife is a gift from heaven. Marcos believed in this. He did not only adore her looks but acknowledged her youthful glow every time there’s an opportunity in public. He also did not forget to mention how briliant she is in whatever projects she laid her hands on. Praising the wife always can only make her feel special.

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