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Ferdinand R. Marcos’ Call to Duty Prior to the 2022 Election


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Filipino Future

“A Call to Duty” by Bongbong Marcos

A Call to Duty Prior to the 2022 Election

Filipinos need hope. Ferdinand R. Marcos’ greatest fear is dying without making a difference. There’s no other political personality right now who is that able and with all the reasons and capabilities to make his countrymen happy as the namesake of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Now is the time, amidst the pandemic to serve in whichever way possible. The 2022 election is still far behind.

Bongbong Marcos is Ready

It may be true that the people need such a leader that could sacrifice their time away from his family. He had a taste of Covid-19 already. His loved ones understand more than anyone his purpose in life. Can the Filipino people appeal for his services before the elections?

There’s a Life in Making People Happy

Family and his own happiness are not enough for such a man. He needs to fulfill his duty for his people. The right time for him to take part in the government can be unconventional. Given the present condition of the country during the pandemic. As the coronavirus infections and the economic situation worsen, please hear the call of your people!

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

1 thought on “Ferdinand R. Marcos’ Call to Duty Prior to the 2022 Election

  1. sana naman. iupo na sya bilang lehitimong bise. presidente.. mga taga supreme. court… anu na nagyari sa milyon milyong ibinayad sa inyo.. ang lalaki ng pinapasahod namin sa inyo mga inutil naman kayo

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