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Filipinos are Used to Hybrid Systems – NOT Fake Ones!


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Robin Sweet Showbiz

Senator Imee Marcos: The Filipinos excel in hybrid achievements.

Hybrid Election System

Senator Imee Marcos explains her election bill in an analogy. She says that Filipinos are achievers of hybrid inventions. We have Filipino beauty queens with traces from foreign lands. Butterfly sleeves in our national dress. And international champions from the streets. The automation in 2008 did not give the people democracy. So, it’s time to go back to the manual and digital combination added the Senator. The digital process can speed up the counting while the manual ones prevent cheating. Marcos’s brother, Bongbong Marcos claims that he lost the VP race in 2016. This is allegedly due to massive fraud through the PCOS machines.

Massive Cheating in 2016

The people are aware that there was massive cheating in the 2016 elections. It is said that the President survives it because of the landslide votes. However, the winning VP at that time did not. Bongbong Marcos’ initial lead of one million deminishes after the 3-hour period in the wee hours the very next day. The feelings of betrayal was so strong that the presumptive VP is now known as the Fake VP.

Improvements are Welcome

Senator Marcos chairs the Electoral Reforms Committee. She endorses the Hybrid Election Act. This is to make it transparent and credible. The people are open about the developments. They closely follow this in social media. Filipinos are good at improving things. But detest fake ones.

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