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Filipinos Benefit from Ferdinand Marcos’ World Bank and ADB Connection

World Bank

By: Elena Grace Flores
Filipino Future

Ferdinand Marcos’ Gran Glan for the Philippines is real.

The World Bank and ADB Connection

The pandemic causes a lot of stress to many. The economy dwindles. But should Filipinos worry? To a certain extent, maybe. No point to be anxious. The coronavirus disaster is worldwide. The good thing for the Philippines is that it is insured. The government will not deny nor accept this because of its political nature. Just analyze the trends. Perhaps, not all Filipinos know that the World Bank and ADB financed the initial bulk of Covid-19 vaccines from Pfizer.

Build Build Build Project

President Rodrigo Duterte’s Build Build Build project’s funding is also from the World Bank and ADB. That follows Ferdinand Marcos’ blueprint. Duterte tries to evade political resistance. This is by talking about China for such investments. However, the checks made to the Japanese construction consortium are from the ADB.

Corona Virus Vaccine by Pfizer

Senator Imee Marcos made it clear that no commercial banks would lend to poor countries. The ones that do not have capacity to pay. The World Bank’s purpose is to aid struggling countries during the pandemic or calamities. Why did the Finance Secretary go against it? Is he anti-Marcos? The G7 countries approve the country’s moratorium. Besides, it has almost zero percent interest rate. This is the kind of mentality that the late President Marcos tried to avoid. You never think about profit when serving the people. Sustainability is the key. Senator Marcos won and got the Pfizer vaccines with the funds from the World Bank and ADB.

2 thoughts on “Filipinos Benefit from Ferdinand Marcos’ World Bank and ADB Connection

  1. Sayang Kay president Marcos true heroes

  2. The great President of the Republic of the Philippines and the true Hero.

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