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Find your Purpose in Life and Live a Long Life

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s a very real need to be needed! Psychologists can vouch for this statement. Imagine being the bread winner most of your adult life. Taking care of your children until they are old enough to leave home or running a business with enough employees to pay every end of the month. Then retirement time comes along without knowing it. Will you stay still and find comfort within your reach or reach out to give comfort to others? Well, if you have an active life during your prime. You may like the idea of spending time for holidays but that’s it. If it extends to longer periods without doing something substantial, then it will be mind boggling or if you allow it to go on and on, boredom can eventually kill you!

The same findings came out after the data was analyzed data from over 6,000 participants of the Midlife in the United States (MIDUS) study. The experiment lasted for 14 years. Healthy eating or lifestyle in general can prolong your lifespan but if you live for others, life is happier thus allowing longevity. The most interesting part is that, sense of purpose in life can affect the quality of life of people from different age brackets. Maintaining a productive and physical social network is also contributing to having a long life due to positive emotions brought about by the support group. Keeping healthy relationships also matter!

Living with concrete direction at any point in your life is essential so as not to go astray. It’s very easy to get depressed especially after the age of 40. Actually, older people need to have a purpose in life more than their younger counterparts – because they are becoming more sensitive as they age. Despite knowing all the ways to have a long life, it’s having the sense of purpose that makes one do all those! This fact must not be ignored because all health campaigns will be useless if people are just living for their own benefit. The greater benefit can only be attained when we help others have a better life. This makes lots of sense in line with all the studies already conducted in the past.

Patrick Hill, lead researcher of the Carleton University in Canada and his associate Nicholas Turiano, of the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York, NY made their findings known by publishing them in the Psychological Science journal.

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