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First Lady Attorney Liza Araneta Marcos Gets a Surprise Birthday Party


By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos
[VIDEO]: Surprising Liza

Surprising First Lady Attorney Liza

The attorney First Lady Liza Araneta Marcos gets a surprise birthday bash recently. Attended by their relatives and friends, the party could never be better. Even her mother-in-law, the beloved former First Lady Imelda Marcos was even there.

Son Sandro’s Hints

Attorney Liza’s son, Rep. Sandro Marcos hints that his mother would probably fire everyone including him who has something to do with the surprise party. Her favorite song was played altered with her daily routine. Plus her skills in making a house a home.

A Privilege to Marry

Her husband, President Bongbong Marcos was grateful to Attorney Liza for giving him the privilege of marrying her. The Filipino leader could either be a natural romantic like his father, or just lucky to have found the love of his life.

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