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A Fit Filipino for NASA’s Space Expedition

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
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Chino Roque’s edge in the NASA’s elimination tests was his being very fit – thus making him the best among the other Filipino candidates. He bested in 3 exercises namely Air Combat, G Force and Assault trainings. His being a coach and a fitness buff really help in his bout for the slot in the shuttle. He will be the first Filipino who will be landing in space expedition soon. More details here:

Fitness firm exec is first Pinoy to reach outer space

By: Rainier Allan Ronda 

MANILA, Philippines – A 23-year-old coach and marketing manager of a fitness firm in Manila will be the first Filipino to reach outer space after he was selected to join a group of 24 ‘astronauts’ who will fly into space onboard the Space Expedition Corp. shuttle in 2015.

2015 will mark another auspicious occasion in mankind’s existence in space aboard Space Expedition Corp. ‘s shuttle – and it is with great pride that somebody from the Philippines is one of the 23 chosen soon to be astronauts. Despite his overwhelming success, Roque is kind enough to feel for the ones who did not make it. Let’s hope for the best and may they have a safe travel back home.

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