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Florida attorney general dropping Trump University case not bribed

Trump University

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

How can you explain a hot pursuit from the start and then went cold in the end? Difficult isn’t it. Why is the Florida attorney general dropping the investigation of Trump University tax irregularities? This is the reason why speculations grow. If the explanation sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Read the full story here:

Trump’s Explaination

Donald Trump is denying any connection between a political contribution benefiting the Florida attorney general and her office’s decision to drop an investigation into Trump University.

“She’s a fine person beyond reproach,” Trump said of Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, a prominent supporter in the Sunshine State.

Trump added that “I never spoke to her” about any investigation.

The Washington Post reported that Trump paid a $2,500 penalty to the IRS because his charitable foundation violated tax laws with a $25,000 donation to a campaign group connected to Bondi.

Noting that the contribution was made in 2013, the Post reported that at the time Bondi “was considering whether to investigate fraud allegations against Trump University. She decided not to pursue the case.”

Source: USA Today


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