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Flu or Influenza can be Deadly

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Flu or Influenza is a common condition that occurs when there’s sudden climate change or especially during the winter in cold countries. It is a disease in the respiratory system attacking the lungs, nose and throat. Mild flu can be remedied with over the counter medications and traditional home care – but it can also divert into a serious illness and sometimes can be fatal.

You would recognize that a person has a flu when he is she is experiencing fever, coughing dry, throat is sore, having bad headaches, over-fatigued, aching all over the body and suffering from breathing difficulty because of stuffed nose. Bed rest is necessary for many days if the condition is severe.

Influenza is contagious through unprotected coughing or sneezing from the sick person to others in the same area. Infections also be transferred by germs from touching the nose and mouth of the infected individual – who unknowingly touch other people without thoroughly washing hands.

During influenza outbreak, it is best to resort to TIV or LAIV vaccination. Earlier Amantadine and Rimantadine are released and approved for its prevention and treatment of Influenza A – but resistance by other kinds of Influenza is now identified. Note that the Influenza virus causes flu and there are Types A, B and C Influenza that only a doctor can diagnose.

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