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Foreign Critics of Bongbong Marcos have a Lot to Learn from the Majority of Filipinos

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

BBC News
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos poised for landslide win in Philippines presidential election

Bongbong Marcos as the Son of a Dictator?

Marcos critics should know that as a democratic country, the Philippines can’t have a dictator president. It has 3 branches of government. So, decisions are made by passing such laws in the Congress and Senate. The Supreme Court takes care of appeals from the lower houses. Bongbong Marcos can’t be the son of a dictator.

Black Media Propaganda

These critics only repeat the black media propaganda against the Marcoses. That the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos was allegedly corrupt and a tyrant. And former First Lady Imelda Marcos was extravagant with hundreds of pairs of shoes. They never bothered to check their achievements and contributions to the country that most Filipinos remember.

Bongbong Marcos as President

Now, the time of the son of the greatest president the Philippines ever had has come. He has learned how to deal with media critics. It would be more actions than talks. He needs to double time because he has to lead the country towards economic recovery while still dealing with the pandemic. So, he can’t be bothered. First things first – the welfare of his people. That’s why he’s back.

1 thought on “Foreign Critics of Bongbong Marcos have a Lot to Learn from the Majority of Filipinos

  1. It’s time for the marcoses to change and clean their name to a new Marcos.
    Hoping that he will correct the wrong from the past to better future.

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