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The Fourth Industrial Revolution Era

By: Elena Grace Flores
Superior, multifunctional, safe and quality products need not be expensive. This is the aim of the merging between virtual and physical capabilities involving the internet of things called the fourth industrial revolution. Industry leaders particularly German manufacturers are getting ready to support the infrastructure needed. Singapore and South Korea follow suit. Find out why:

Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution!

By: Gordon Benzie

The 4th Industrial Revolution is a giant leap for manufacturing innovation, characterized by “smart devices” that can actually take control of machines on the shop floor by communicating autonomously “device-to-device” to manage manufacturing operations and distribution.

Gone are the days when the scare over disaster brought about by modernization came about . Now, technology should produce controlled,  monitored  and useful industrial platforms necessary in generating quality but personalized products at lesser costs. The only problem that industry leaders are seeing now is how well the government of a country can cope in this line of thinking? It is best to be well-informed that the fourth industrial revolution era is here – than continue crying over spilled milk!

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