Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

Our group is composed mostly of Fr. Jose Bosch’s music scholars at our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Cebu, 34 years ago. Despite poverty, most of us survived drug addiction, crimes, and suicide. We would like to pass on our innovative skills to the youth in Cebu today who are prone to suicides due to generational gaps. There is a serious mismatch between the education and skills needed in today’s industries, thus, causing depression to the youth or workforce in general. We believe that we have the experience and skills to share with the younger generation if only we have the venue and facilities for it

Father Jose Bosch was a mentor like no other ….

Our name ISTAC which is independent of the Lourdes Parish has been approved as a cooperative in Cebu by the Philippine government but we have the initial two months renewable to find our office venue/center and submit all requirements that needed the fundings from those who share the same purpose in life with us for a better society providing not just Rondalla practices but also other online tutorials like online marketing, web developing, and corporate English to those who cannot afford them. 

We believe that it takes leadership from all sectors to make this happen. This is also our way of cooperating with the government to help our community – to save lives and build a better future for our children. All donations will be accounted for and we appreciate and recognize them in our offline and online channels if there’s no restriction from the part of the donor or sponsor. 

  • Mission: To provide the 21st-century skills to the workforce for business services with the help of private and government partners not just in music but in various fields that can supplement the innovative needs of industries by conducting subsidized online and offline tutorials.
  • Vision: Poverty reduction is possible when talents are nurtured and added skills are learned thus enhancing people’s lifestyles – and producing world-class Filipinos.
  • Purpose: Paying forward the provisions of Father Jose Bosch to the Rondalla Pioneers of the South by adopting his advocacy in providing educational scholarships to the community and enhancing it with international opportunities to willing citizens.

The majority of the ISTAC cooperators are Lourdes Parish Rondalla juniors, juniors 2, auxiliary and other alumni or current members. It is a Father Jose Bosch-inspired group working together to bring not only cultural music into the international level but also other sought-after skills. The initiative’s strategy is based on working with both the government and business sectors -particularly in the field of Information Technology, Tourism, Cultural Preservation, Real Estate, Retirement, Education, Health and Wellness, and other industries.

The idea of the ISTAC began as discussions for models to give back, revitalize and sustain the return of the Rondalla alumni to help nurture the youth for community development generally were explored.

Last Oct. 28, 2019, the board of directors was voted to comply with the government’s organizational requirements. Currently, the group practices every Monday at the PPC Bldg., Conference Hall then transferred to the Youth Center of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. It is also taking part as members of the Music Ministry accompanying the regular mass every Sunday at 6:30 AM. It has participated in special events also called out by the Youth Rondalla instructress, Naila Ylaya-Beltran.

The ISTAC’s goal is to continue the works of the late Father Jose who provided education to children willing to serve the church. Thus, producing a capable community workforce for business services that augment the lifestyle of the community, economic- wise. The membership was then extended to all parishioners of the church upon the application for the cooperative name on January 10, 2020.

At the present time, the ISTAC is in the process of registering the association to qualify for the local and national government supports. Temporarily, it secures a place at the Rondalla Room of the Youth Center and PPC as an alternative training venue to establish continuity for the organizational process. However, it seeks to have a close partnership initially with Lourdes Parish to provide the ISTAC with a school-like location or training center set-up but is also open to any public or private partnership.

Our Goal
The goal of the cooperative is to mobilize, equip and facilitate collaboration for business services among public, private and other willing partners to bring about neighborhood/family transformation through skills training.

Collaborative Partnerships
The ISTAC continually develops partnerships with business leaders, service providers, as well as the city and civic leaders nationwide. It is now collaborating with the 888 News Forum and the PPC through its President, Elias Baquero. The Department of Science and Technology through its Region VII director, Edilberto L. Paradela also pledges a half a million pesos grant for its establishment. Selected leaders also attended RAFI’s Lead seminars.

The Issue at Hand
According to a news report last Sept. 18, 2019, there have been 17 to 18 cases of teenage suicides per month in Cebu and the number is rising. The internet age has drastically changed the world’s ways of life. Thus, mental illnesses that trigger depression which is the common cause of suicide has become rampant. Since all human beings are prone to such conditions, nurturing the people especially the youth through music and social interactions is a big thing. Music touches the soul and the LPR alumni would like to be involved in what we do best. That is using our acquired knowledge through our professions and the experience we had with a mentor like Father Jose who made us what we are today.

Sustainable Skills Enhancement for Family Empowerment in the Community

ISTAC is leveraging its efforts and expertise to address SUSTAINABLE community development by organizing activities in line with the goals of the church and the government in making the Cebu specifically within the Lourdes Parish vicinity a place of opportunities. The Youth Rondalla of the Lourdes Parish would then have a support system for their instruments, costumes, gigs and other needs as agreed upon aside from jobs generated for interested Lourdes Parish parishioners.

Our vision is to help facilitate opportunities to the members of the ISTAC and related groups or individuals to create a neighborhood where basic needs are being met without outside donors and where the community itself can provide the means and opportunities for individuals to grow and achieve their potential.

It is evident that changing the way a neighborhood exists in all four of these catalytic areas is essential to creating long-term, sustainable change. Therefore, talks with the following divisions for potential partnerships are now ongoing where willing partners are identified.


The love of cultural music, discipline and perseverance were instilled in the young minds of the original members of Fr. Jose’s Rondalla at the Lourdes Parish Church, Punta Princesa, Cebu.

We Are One in Memory of Father Jose!

Since October 25, 2019

Conference Hall, PPC Bldg., Our Lady of Lourdes Parish

Meeting at 8 PM to 10 PM Mondays (To resume until further notice)

Mercy Lapiña – Vice-Chair / Founder
Mercy – Juniors 2 Secondary School Teacher at DepEd-Cebu City Division
Tisa – 09151626973/09324608849
Elena Grace Flores – Chair Person
Grace – Auxiliary
Online Education/Marketing – Mla – Cebu

We are Paying it Forward:

Ravel Balgos
Ravz/Rave – Auxiliary
Full Time Mom of 4… To & Fro Cebu-Manila. Manila-Cebu 57 Clarita Village – (0932) 486 8285
Glen – Auxiliary
Bernadette Suico Beltran Abastas Bernadette – Juniors 2
Don Bosco High School – Tisa

Cyriel Pavo Lepiten
Cyriel – Seniors
Music Instructor – Guitar
Tisa – 09255077871

Victor Fernandez
Victor – Auxiliary
Seaman – Manila
Bobby Medalla
Manager at Evie Salon Studio
Bobby – Juniors 2
Cebu-Manila 09978870974
Leslie L. Abella
Leslie – Auxillary
Teacher 2/ Perrelos Elem. School Ocaña, Carcar City 09565544161
Ernesto Patiño
Lilit – Juniors 2
Tanchan Business Ventures, Inc.
Guadalupe 09228767004
June Ylaya
June – Seniors
Singapore and Philippine Airlines – Cebu
+65 8732 7139
Pastor or Jun – Seniors
416 South Road, Basak San Nicolas, Cebu
Medel Gatcho
Medel – Juniors 2
Retired Police – Minglanilla
Fatima Sable
Fatima – Juniors 2
Cebu –
Rebecca Caro
Bekay – Juniors 2
Cebu –
Helen Cortes Quijano
Lhen – Junior 2 B6 L18 Tierra Nova Royale 1, Bagumbong, Caloocan City – Industrial Welding Corporation – 09328563261
Alma Tabar
Alma – Juniors
Buhisan, Cebu – Cebu City Hall
Nena Fernandez Sevilla – Rabadon 
Annie – Seniors
Barangay Buhisan-Secretary
Ramiro Canas
Tata – Juniors 2
Affiliation – TBA
Tisa – TBA
Amada Presbitero
Mady – Juniors 2
Cebu –

Edgar Ylaya
Edgar – Juniors 2
Scotland – Cebu

Fe Fiel Sanchez
Fe – Juniors 2
Cebu –
0910 862 2339

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