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Funeral as a Social Event in the Philippines


By: Elena Grace Flores

The bodies of the dead lie awaiting burial in ...
The bodies of the dead lie awaiting burial in a mass grave at the camp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just recently attended the wake of the mother of our Baranggay Chairman – and this is where you can find nicely arranged flowers, dignified people and lots of refreshments. You can also meet a long lost acquaintance in funeral by chance if you are a native of the place or active in social gatherings. That’s why my heart goes with the victims of typhoon Yolanda. No proper burial nor identification. Read this:

Globe in the Philippines: Funeral efforts marred by decay


As the truck lumbers past the rubble-strewn remains of Tacloban City, onlookers pull shirts over their faces and use fingers to plug their noses. The truck is laden with death, 34 people killed by Typhoon Haiyan. Their decay, after five days in the heat and humidity, creates a stench that blankets the street as the truck passes by.

I initiated a call to the Secretary of National Defense through Facebook to help NBI do the military protocol for the casualties. This may be too late because most bodies are already dumped into the mass graves without knowing who they are – which will really give a hard time for the survivors to get over in mourning the death of their loved ones. However, I hope and pray that this will serve as a lesson for all – and the very reason why I documented this!

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