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Funny Animated Taylor Swift Attack

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Call this art or just simple humor but using a very popular singing icon Taylor Swift and combining the set up with animation know-how, the result is overwhelming Social Media clicks. On the other hand, the original label used is a bit misleading. Nevertheless, it achieved it’s purpose so, viewers can only choose to be amused or angry with the advert. See for yourself:

Taylor Swift Attacked at Grammys

Posted at Youtube by: Twisted Genre

Obviously, there was no attack at Grammy’s involvingĀ  Taylor Swift. Although the headline was not true, the concert scene was real and the cartoon character used to smack the singing diva was hilarious with his timing. I have no problem admitting that the tampered video was indeed funny. Just wondering the legal implications for this and not sure how the singer reacted upon knowing that her singing style was being mocked!

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