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FVR: Crime can Stop with the Commander in Chief’s Criminal Know-how

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The authorities can only topple criminals if they know how their targets operate. Former president Fidel Ramos is convinced that we now have better chance for a peace with the communist insurgency with Duterte as president. Ramos was guests of honor in the Philippine National Police turnover ceremony for newly installed PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa.

The friendship with the communist party’s founder Jose Maria Sison is an indication that Duterte is serious in solving the problems in Mindanao. During Ramos’ time negotiators just take care of the agreements with the government instead of Sison himself. It’s a different story now because Sison is comfortable with Duterte.

Government peace negotiators and representatives of the National Democratic Front already signed a statement to resume formal peace talks in the third week of July. Duterte’s accommodation with the Communist Party was criticized by many – not knowing that it’s a strategy for peace. Duterte’s know-how with the police and criminal undertakings can very well shed light to the lingering problems of peace and order.


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