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Getting to Know the Real Ferdinand Marcos Behind Martial Law

martial law

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

The Late President Ferdinand Marcos cannot always be on the right.

The Truth about Ferdinand Marcos

The last 30 years was marred by the black propaganda against the late President Ferdinand Marcos. The aim is to destroy him beyond his death. Detractors use the alleged martial law atrocities. Calling him tyrant and corrupt. The big truth lies beneath his existence once upon a time. The story re-emerges as his son and namesake, Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. rises above them all. Learn the truth about him.

Self-Sufficiency for the Country

It turns out that the brilliant president is successful in making the country self-sufficient in the long run. The current president Rodrigo Duterte knows this. That’s why he doesn’t allow unfair treatments by powerful countries. Duterte also uses Marcos’ blueprint for the Build Build Build project. Martial law scare is always at the tipof his tongue. Monetary funds seem available from the World Bank and the ADB with favorable loan deals during the pandemic. The Congress must look into his last will and testament. If only his the younger Marcos is President now, it can already be a priority.

The Beautiful Imelda Marcos by Her Side

The Cultural Center of the Philippines, and the Folks Art Theatre are some proofs of the beauty combined with brilliance. Mrs. Marcos’ way of making a house into a home. Marcos then spent 43 Billion dollars on his infrastructure projects. But his meager Ilocano budget from the government is only 32 Million Pesos for 20 years. He has more accomplishments that are still in use until today than the late President Cory Aquino who spent more than a trillion pesos. Who is the thief now? So much for martial law.

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