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GitHub platform build up while supporting open source

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Innovation Engines are vital to the successes of online ventures and learning the secrets behind the tech world’s most successful platforms can give you the edge over your competitors. So, this i really worth listening to.

Venture beat featured the talk with Kakul Srivastava, the VP of product management for GitHub. We caught up with her recently to talk about how GitHub has evolved into a platform (and what it means to be a platform), how the company figures out which new features and products to build, and the role of open source software in stimulating innovation.

Plus, we tell you what to think about: The year in tech-company unicorns (and the idea that 2016 might see a “unicorn death march“)
Microsoft’s big — and largely successful — launch of Windows 10 in 2015 (and its recent acquisition of Talko) and
What happened with virtual reality in 2015, from the New York Times distributing a million Google Cardboard headsets to the launch of Samsung’s Gear VR kit. You can also listen to this episode of What to Think on SoundCloud or click the link below:


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