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Glenn Chong: Media Mind Conditioning vs. Election Fraud Reality

By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Glenn Chong who is also an IT expert divulges that Facebook limits their reach and engagement. Their test results show this conclusion. The two survey firms are also fake, he added. In fact, if it is really true that Senator Grace Poe is indeed the number one choice of the people for the Senate this election, Chong wants to invite her for a public debate. This is to see who would majority of the people listen to.

YouTube video byKabagis TV

[VIDEO]: Atty. Glenn Chong Hinamon si Sen. Grace Poe ng Debate kung Totoong No. 1 sa Survey

Election Fraud Tools

Media surveys are the election tools of the opposition to condition the minds of the Filipinos. The out of this world results are not questionable anymore if voters hear them from the news regularly. They are meant to mislead people into thinking that the fraudulent winners are the people’s choices.

Irregularities During the Overseas Voting

Atty. Chong also narrates the reports from their overseas counterparts that many of their votes are not counted because of alleged over votes. Despite voters insistence that they surely did have 12 bets for Senators. This is a common occurrence in Hongkong, the UK, Italy and even in the Middle East – where many overseas Filipino workers live. Machine malfunctions are also frequent on the record. They only prove that the Comelec is incompetent in handling clean and efficient elections.

Online Battles

While all these propaganda are on the air, the masses resort to expressing their views of certain issues online. Proofs of such anomalies are already shared over the net on the very first day of absentee voting. The people luckily have the edge on this. It only shows that Voters are now very vigilant with the possible massive cheating that can be done by politicians with ill intentions.

Investigations Needed

Although, Chong also gives Comelec the benefit of the doubt. He explains that the Smartmatic machines are already too old and unreliable. Besides, they can definitely be cheated as per the cases in some countries that are still using or have used them. Investigations are really a must, he suggested.

The Big Warning

The former Congressman of Biliran urges the public to count all the voters physically and match the total with the cast. Ballot duplicates must also be included in the Minutes of Voting along with other circumstances. When the anomalies or disorders are massive, they can serve as references for a possible failure of elections petition later. Everyone must be vigilant, Chong urged.

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