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Global Warming Contributor Checklist


By: Elena Grace Flores

Garbage, Beijing
Garbage, Beijing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the middle of the global warming debate if it is really in existence or a big lie, have you ever examined yourself if you have something to do with it or not? Perhaps you can give it a try by just going through the checklist below and see how you score. You might be surprised that part of your daily routine is actually hazardous to the earth. If you have a No answer to the following questions, you are definitely a contributor:

  • Do you segregate your garbage?
  • Do you use reusable bag when buying groceries?
  • Do you own only one car or none at all?
  • Have you ever planted a tree in your life time?
  • Do you turn off your refrigerator when there’s nothing inside?
  • Do you unplug your appliances when not in use?
  • Have you not thrown batteries into the garbage?
  • Have you not sprayed chemicals in your garden?
  • Have you picked up a trash from the beach?
  • Are you saving water in any way you can?

The list will go on and on but let’s start with these 10 questions first. We intended to update this list as we go along so, please send us some comments together with your questions that we can add on the above checklist. The idea for this effort is to establish an awareness campaign to help save the earth. After all, it is our responsibility to take dominion over this. Hope to hear from you at the soonest possible time!

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