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GMA: 71% Happy with Duterte’s 10PM Karaoke Curfew

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Noise pollution from the popular Karaoke gatherings has been one of the major challenges for Home Owners’ associations in the Philippines. This is why incoming President Rodrigo Duterte’s policy on Karaoke curfew until 10PM has been widely accepted. This has been shown in the recent survey by GMA that as high as 71% of the respondents were happy with this change.

Many from the cities criticized Duterte’s style for being too provincial – but mind you, Filipino ways does not really change despite the move to the city or elsewhere – unless there’s a strict law on it.

As changes are coming, people should be flexible to do what is right as mandated. After all, Duterte was voted for by more than 15 million Filipinos. So, time to stick to the rules and comply.

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