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Are we going to war with Russia, China in Space?

Are we going to war with Russia

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Are we going to war with Russia and China? The nominee to lead the U.S. Strategic Command warned Congress this week that China and Russia are rapidly building space warfare capabilities. The United States is lagging behind in efforts to counter the threat.

Both Beijing and Moscow are developing anti-satellite missiles and laser guns and maneuvering killer space robots that could cripple strategic U.S. communications, navigation and intelligence satellites, the backbone of American high-technology warfare. The question; Are we going to war with Russia, China at Space will be answerable by yes and no. We do not have to go to space for that. It’s their technology being so advanced, they can manipulate via space channels.

Chinese and Russian

Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten, picked to be the next Stratcom commander, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that Chinese and Russian space weapons pose “an emerging challenge” and that the Pentagon is accelerating its efforts to counter the threat.

“The Department of Defense has aggressively moved out to develop responses to the threats that we see coming from China and Russia,” the four-star general said Tuesday. “I believe it’s essential that we go faster in our responses.”

U.S. military

A program called Space Enterprise Vision is being carried out by the U.S. military and the National Reconnaissance Office, the spy agency that builds and launches U.S. satellites, to prepare for war in space.

Committee Chairman John McCain, Arizona Republican, said that information he received from the general is classified. It’s about the rapid buildup was “deeply disturbing.”


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