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Good Media Sprouting after Duterte’s Inauguration as the 16th Philippine President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It was evident that Duterte, 71, won the presidential election by over 16 million votes, or about 38%, that led his three opponents to easily congratulate him for his clear win. From then on, whatever comes out of Duterte’s mouth would either be misunderstood or given the wrong meaning by some of the elites, Manilenians, the clergy and the commercial media due to his tough talking and Visayan ways of doing things – brutally frank at that.

Prior to his inauguration he was already at war with the dominant Catholic Church. He also blocked the national press, publicly accusing them of being biased against him. He has shunned personal press coverage after that and became very selective in allowing audience to the media.

It was noted by the country’s leading newspapers that the conversation between Duterte and the news media has regrettably “turned sharp and shrill.” However, better smaller media entities are sprouting after Duterte’s immediate action against those abusive press representatives. Now, the public can be assured that they will be receiving factual news and not biased ones. If the news on TV won’t satisfy the people’s craving for the truth, they can just check online for live streaming sources – just like Mr.President’s inauguration rites.


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