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Gov. Imee Marcos: Edsa Drama Foretells the Family’s Pain but Brings Mindfulness to the People

Imee Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos in her interview with Mocha Uson discloses how she feels about the 31st Edsa People’s Power Revolution. Since it is a painful event for their family, she finds comfort in looking at the positive changes it brings. Sad to say it is still work in progress but the mindfulness of the Filipinos on the country’s development is enhanced. The millennials need not be told about history. They search for the truth and discuss things over Facebook. So, they have real-time information. Unlike during the Edsa revolt, many people are clueless why they are there as explained by Maharlika – and not even one Aquino is in the event.

Youtube video by; Maharlika
[VIDEO]: Mocha Uson Interviews Gov.Imee Marcos and Maharlika

Marcos Stigma

Imee Marcos said that she and brother, Bongbong Marcos are even shocked with the intensity of the Marcos stigma. They are young when their father becomes president. Yet, they are often asked to explain the accusation against their father. She is, however, convinced that their patriarch has done more good than bad – or else, she won’t win as governor.

Entitled to Own Opinion but not Own Facts

Gov. Marcos admits that her father’s reign is not perfect but if this is compared to the yellow regime, the country during the Marcos era is more productive. President Digong’s disclosure on his flexibility to resort to martial law when there’s a need for it made the Governor realize that since many people are outlaws, the country needs utmost discipline. People should search for the truth first before making false accusations. There’s no such thing as own facts, just opinions.

Infrastructure and Agriculture

It is a pride of the Marcos golden age that infrastructure and agriculture yields are abundant. People are not hungry. Jobs are not scarce because public services are the priority of the Marcos government. This is the opposite during the Aquino stints – where the poor becomes poorer and the rich becomes richer – just like before martial law.

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Marcos Rule Mishaps

The good governor also admits that there are mishaps during the Marcos regime. Abuses do exist in the military but not as extensive as publicized. There are laws that are not implemented in localities due to lack of political will by some local leaders. The Marcos siblings try to correct these mistakes in their own capacities – and that’s when they know they are loved by many people.

2 thoughts on “Gov. Imee Marcos: Edsa Drama Foretells the Family’s Pain but Brings Mindfulness to the People

  1. Ituloy yan Marcos pa rin……. Deciplina ang kailangan natin buong mundo

  2. Yes I am very proud of what gov.imee marcos doing in my province.

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