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Grace Poe: Not a Question of Nationality but of Allegiance

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Grace Poe has been noted to be able to drop immediately anything that would hinder her political ambitions. It’s been publicized via tri-media that she’s being hounded that she was once an American Citizen like her adopted father – Fernando Poe, Jr. according to Manila Times. She immediately dropped that 2 years after becoming MTRCB Chairman according to ABS-CBN same as she dropped her Llamanzares married surname in favor of the more popular Poe family name of the late movie star. Does Grace Poe knows the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Philippine Flag: (English Translation)
I am a Filipino
I pledge my allegiance
To the flag of the Philippines
And to the country it represents
With honor, justice and freedom
Put in motion by one station
For God
for the People,
for Nature and
for the Country.

Or better yet the Classic Philippine Patriotic Oath

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On GMA News TV’s broadcast today, Vice President Jejomar Binay expressed his disgust over anyone who might be thinking of running as Philippine President when she or he even dropped her or his nationality for once in her or his life because of the American dream! How could Grace Poe remain loyal to the Filipino flag and to her countrymen when she had history of embracing other flag contrary to the Oath of Allegiance? Can we expect then that she would immediately drop the interests of Philippines under gun point when confronted by countries wanting to own part of the Philippines?

Image Source: Inquirer

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