Grangma’s Debate with the Yuppies

Wylie Chavez

Binay argued that it is wrong to compare the Makati City Parking Building with private buildings such as Shangri-la, Rockwell, etc.

Instead, he argued, it should be compared with other GOVERNMENT/Public buildings such as Iloilo Convention Center.

Well, It is better to compare one overpriced public building to another. At least, his buildings would be less overpriced than the rest.

Crazy stupid politician.



  • Jimmy Allen Uy Out nako ana mga butanga Coach, sila ra’y nadatu ana. .hehe!

September 19 at 10:59pm · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores At least it’s functional and stable even if built in an instable ground. I guess VP Binay’s point is – he just used a government approved contractor. Mura man pud sayon ra pagrequest ug kuarta sa gobyerno. 50k ra gani bayad sa tickets sa mga press people to promote tourism daghan pa ug kuskus balungos unya utangon pa sa agency. So kung bright ka pilion na lang nimo nang contractor nga approved na sa gobyerno ug ang budget approved sa COA. Nganong muingon man nga wa pa mahuman ang audit bisag mana ang building? Mag audit ra diay kung naay eleksyon?

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Wylie Chavez All legal companies with sufficient cap can be part of the bidding. So the construction of public buildings are not limited to few contractors. Hence there is no scarcity in choices of contractors…and there are other buildings standing on the same unstable ground, at cheaper cost. So this thing about not comparing with private buildings is stupid…If government buildings the cost per sack of cement is more expensive? If private, it’s cheaper? Private corporations try to build their buildings as low a price as possible. To maximize their cap. The government aims to have the cheapest cost, and this is through a bidding process. This Binay thinks that all Filipinos are fools.

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Elena Grace Giangan Flores I think, you are being judgemental. So meaning to say that the govt was right to hire the cheapest MRT maintenance contractor with disasters every now and then? And you actually believe hearsays that there was no proper bidding before awarding the contract? Think again.

September 20 at 12:02am · Like

Wylie Chavez so if you are allergic to cheaper contractors, why not remove the bidding process..right? cheapest does not mean worst contractor….and then your statement: ” And you actually believe hearsays that there was no proper bidding before awarding the contract? Think again.” , why, did i say there was no bidding process? where in my statement did i say that there was no bidding before the contract..In your over eagerness to defend that guy, na-una na your defensive statements…now you better do the thinking…and dont be too defensive.

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Elena Grace Giangan Flores Read again cause i said no proper bidding, not no bidding. My point is, we are getting what we paid for, if you know what i mean. Of course; I’m as opionated as you are but pls get all the facts like responsible journalists do.

September 20 at 12:16am · Like

Wylie Chavez same. where in my statement did i say there was no proper bidding…and i will not debate with someone who says Robinhood-type of Leadership is GOOD governance…the classic robbing from peter to give to paul is not only unjustified, it is NOT GOOD…so if you believe that Binay’s robbing career and giving to the poor makes his corrupt practices right, then the discussion ends here…corruption is wrong, through and through.

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Elena Grace Giangan Flores You miss the point again. There was an “If” thing in the beginning of my status. If VP Binay is corrupt i said. Never said that he’s a robber.

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Elena Grace Giangan Flores Let’s not be hypocrite you can’t be the last person to know that corruption is s culture of our government. It just a matter of politicians spending money for the good of the community. Binay’s house might be big but very ancient.

September 20 at 12:30am · Like

Wylie Chavez you missed the point too….again. i cannot debate with one who says Robinhood type of leadership is good governance, so IF INDEED BINAY STOLE AND GAVE TO POOR, this for you is good governance.. then the argument is laid to rest.

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Elena Grace Giangan Flores I never thought you were that narrow minded. Favorite press friend pa naman kita before but don’t worry, enjoying this and you should be happy your post gets attention.

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Wylie Chavez Elena Grace Giangan Flores you know what , by enlarging the sphere of discussion to include the entire government and all politicians, you are trying to say Binay is less evil…and im not from the press. got the wrong person miss..

September 20 at 12:36am · Edited · Like

Wylie Chavez and i do not seek attention. so it doesnt give me a notch of happiness nor sadness..

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Elena Grace Giangan Flores Oh now i know why you get offended and do not have sportsmandhip. Just same name with my press peer in cebu. Sorry i mishandled you thinking of that intelligent person hehe

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Elena Grace Giangan Flores Nice to talk to you.

September 20 at 12:41am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Sorry grandma has trouble typing on a touch phone hehe

September 20 at 12:42am · Like

Wylie Chavez i think you have the tendency to judge. i dont get offended with discussions. nor do i slack in the area of sportsmanship. and yes you mishandled all right…

September 20 at 12:44am · Like

Wylie Chavez but nice talking to you. say hi to you press peer in cebu.

September 20 at 12:44am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores I’m sorry my eyes have failed me. Just saw your picture and not the one i always have friendly debates with. Wish you well ijo.

September 20 at 12:47am · Like

Wylie Chavez

September 20 at 12:47am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Will do. Will tell him when he’s online. I bet he’ll be laughing his head off.

September 20 at 12:50am · Like

Wylie Chavez that you chatted with an easily offended, non intelligent person?of course he’d be laughing so hard. it’s hilarious.

September 20 at 12:54am · Like · 1

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Sorry about that and please excuse my words. We ex press people do that when we pull each other’s leg. Talo ang pikom so to speak but we only do that with the press group that we had. So sorry

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Efrenster Starwind Tambiga as the saying goes on….
if voting could really change things it would be illegal…

Miss Elena was right,Mr Chavez also right…
but one thing is for sure the story was still half the truth….Lies
Philippines is a rich country pretending to be poor….

Poverty causes people to cheat,lie,and even kills….

We as entrepreneur sees the truth-
-best regards

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Wylie Chavez You wish to finally have your own house and lot. So you decided to go to a respectable subdivision, purchase a vacant lot at standard market value, and asked a contractor to build your house. Then you asked your contractor and architect to build a house similar to the house standing beside your property which cost 10M. Then the contractor came up with the bill of construction, 30M. Common sense would dictate, your reaction to this cost would be “WHAT THE HELL”…I am pretty sure that no matter what the contractor would say, you will not buy into the reasons. You will start looking for another contractor. Let all those who have ears, listen. Do not defend with impunity.

September 20 at 9:57am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Is the other contractor build now pay later? Then it’s worth considering

September 20 at 10:35am · Like

Wylie Chavez all things equal…the 10M house is build and pay. in the same way the contractor is asking for the 30M…so worth considering?

September 20 at 10:39am · Edited · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Ok then make a table of the pros and cons to get the facts straight then decide from there.

September 20 at 10:39am · Like

Wylie Chavez a table between the pros and cons of going with the 30M? really? you would consider the 30M to the extent you would make a table? …end of argument with you.. clearly you are not being rational. if you will stick to the analogy, you will absolutely raise hell with this contractor..

September 20 at 10:43am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores If you are a sound entrepreneur and you can show that the project is sustainable in a long run then why not? That’s money management. It’s not only the figure that matters but i undrerstand that knowing this comes with age and experience.

September 20 at 10:49am · Like

Wylie Chavez the object is a HOUSE NOT A are swerving the topic because it hits you right in the core…so a direct question to you Elena. if a contractor offers a house at 3x the cost to those of the existing houses in the particular subdivision, and all conditions are the same, will you go for hte 3x more expensive cost.

September 20 at 10:52am · Like

Jofel Hilaga Hahaha..I’m an accountant coach..grabe ang overprice kahit pay later pa..hahaha

September 20 at 10:58am · Edited · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Building a house is also a project dear but if you are talking about binay, pls show evidence of your accusations since you took this personally and i will ask some presos people based there to interview you. You might give us a good material but just make sure they are facts or else we can be suid for libel.

September 20 at 10:58am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Press people i mean

September 20 at 10:58am · Like

Wylie Chavez Jofel Hilaga Mr Hilaga, Im not an accountant but i have common sense to say What the Hell…

September 20 at 10:59am · Like · 1

Jofel Hilaga Facts? What a facts?

September 20 at 11:02am · Like

Wylie Chavez Your context of project being sustainable is the not the same context as a house being a project…again you are skirting the issue. drop the binay topic. we are on the house construction analogy… and elena, YOU are the one taking this personally.

September 20 at 11:02am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Even the senate cannot force binay to testify because there’s no evidence and figures are exactly not right because audit is not completed and verified.

September 20 at 11:02am · Like

Wylie Chavez elena? the house. will you go for a 3x more expensive house than the normal market value..

September 20 at 11:03am · Like

Jofel Hilaga Try to hire our firm to audit the project..hehe

September 20 at 11:03am · Like · 1

Wylie Chavez Exactly jofel..

September 20 at 11:04am · Like · 1

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Probably but i made sure i stick to facts that’s my training during younger days

September 20 at 11:04am · Like

Wylie Chavez you would probably go for a house 3x more expensive? ok..Guys, you may start sending this lady proposals for a H&L project. and you may make it 3x more expensive. Just make sure the house is sustainable.

September 20 at 11:07am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores If i build another house in makati it may be ten times more expensive than in cebu. Can you audit that jofel?

September 20 at 11:07am · Like · 1

Jofel Hilaga And we will prove the over pricing coach. My father is in the construction industry and I have a contractor clients in Makati and here in Iloilo who are doing government projects.

September 20 at 11:08am · Like

Wylie Chavez ohh..being offended now elena?where is the sportsmanship in that? i said all things equal.

September 20 at 11:08am · Like

Jofel Hilaga Yes.. No problem Ms. Elena.. Just give me the address and I’ll email you our audit engagement letter.

September 20 at 11:09am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Thanks Wylie Chavez for the publicity. Feel free to send proposals cause it’s up to me to choose one anyway

September 20 at 11:09am · Like

Wylie Chavez Jofel Hilaga Mr Hilaga, good one. and while you are it, send her a H&L proposal. you may jack it up..she wont mind.

September 20 at 11:10am · Like · 1

Elena Grace Giangan Flores It’s in my profile dearp

September 20 at 11:11am · Like

Jofel Hilaga 10 times sa audit fee ko..thanks in advance..hehe.

September 20 at 11:12am · Like

Wylie Chavez for as long you give a service that sustains, she wouldnt mind.

September 20 at 11:12am · Like · 1

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Yes with feasibility study when can i get my roi back
Will be waiting. Thanks for the interest

September 20 at 11:14am · Like · 1

Jofel Hilaga Audit with feasibility study? Different engagement yata yan..

September 20 at 11:15am · Like · 1

Elena Grace Giangan Flores How can you prove then that it’s sustainable?

September 20 at 11:16am · Like

Wylie Chavez You sound like a politician now… of course i cant prove it…it’s all hearsay!

September 20 at 11:18am · Like · 3

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Thanks

September 20 at 11:19am · Like

Kristian Rei Monterde I’ve been following this post since yesterday and man, I can’t stop laughing. This reminds me of my mentor; he said, “you know ur walking to a trap when you can’t answer a sple

September 21 at 4:32am · Like

Kristian Rei Monterde Simple question”

September 21 at 4:33am · Like

Wylie Chavez that is what ive been pushing..that the simple question be answered with simple answer.

September 23 at 10:15am · Like · 1

Kristian Rei Monterde Atleast, maybe, she knew that she was walking right into a trap. Either ways, I think your point is now clear to her upline. If she wasn’t aware, well, nuff said.. Lol

September 23 at 7:20pm · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Oh sorry did not mean to ignore you guys. Still out for dinner. Don’t worry about it likeminded individuals can judge our exchanges whichever side they are on. Cheers

September 23 at 8:08pm · Like

Kristian Rei Monterde hey elena, ever heard of trolls? trolololol

September 23 at 8:20pm · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Oh sorry to upset you Kristian. Really did not mean to! I just believe that no matter how bad a person is, it’s still worth looking at his or her good side and we are not here in this world to judge. Love is all there is. Politics for me is just something to argue about for the sake of discussions – but know that I also respect your opinion.

Yesterday at 12:53am · Like

Kristian Rei Monterde Oh sure you do

Yesterday at 12:53am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Thanks

Yesterday at 12:54am · Like

Kristian Rei Monterde lol

Yesterday at 12:54am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores See even if you are sarcastic I still thank you for it. he he

Yesterday at 12:55am · Like

Kristian Rei Monterde I’m sure you know that sarcasm, in the English language, doesn’t have an accepted method to denote in written conversation. So I guess, when you decided to label the author of this status as judgmental, the saying “it takes one to know one” applies? Or am I wrong again? Now tell me again, am I being sarcastic?

Yesterday at 1:03am · Like · 1

Wylie Chavez ” no matter how bad a person is, it’s still worth looking at his or her good side”–elena, i agree. we are not here to judge. yes all of us have our good and bad side. no argument there……But, IF (i am emphasizing the IF) but IF such person uses gov…See More

Yesterday at 1:19am · Edited · Like · 1

Wylie Chavez and those saying “bahala na overpriced, bahala na the bad side is related to graft and corruption, basta may buildings” are actually encouraging these selfish politicians…

Yesterday at 1:20am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Well we can’t change the world in one day, can’t we? The more giving we are to our enemies the more blessed we can be. Besides corruption has been there eversince. I will channel my energies more on helping the poor to have better options and help preserve the earth in my own simple way. Accusing others on fb is easy but it can’t make a difference ’cause it’s just human nature to do that not Godly.

Yesterday at 1:30am · Like

Kristian Rei Monterde wow. I’m impressed that you, knowingly or unknowingly, downplayed yourself. “Accusing others on fb is easy but it can’t make a difference ’cause it’s just human nature to do that not Godly”.. sounds like you just judged me 37 min ago as of this comment.

Yesterday at 1:33am · Like

Kristian Rei Monterde Also, I believe that you did not answer Wylie Chavez‘s question

Yesterday at 1:33am · Like

Kristian Rei Monterde One more thing, when you said “Well we can’t change the world in one day, can’t we?”, it should be can we. The rules is positive and negative or viceversa. I’m OC so you can’t argue with that.

Yesterday at 1:35am · Like

Kristian Rei Monterde *The rule

Yesterday at 1:35am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores You will know that you are doing the right thing when you are happy to see even those who do not agree with you.

Yesterday at 1:36am · Like

Kristian Rei Monterde Oh my GOD. Okay, I’m done. and here I thought “people from the press” are good with this. tnxbye lol

Yesterday at 1:38am · Like · 1

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Yes correct as per english grammar. Too late to change when i realized it. But i think you are smart enough to know what i meant.

Yesterday at 1:38am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Bye and have a good night

Yesterday at 1:40am · Like

Enrico Abellana Hey bro, had a blast reading the arguments of both sides…hehehe well, to each his/her own opinion… I for one believe that Binay should be held responsible if proven in court that anomalies did occur in the construction of the building or any Makati projects during his term for that matter…

Yesterday at 2:40am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores I agree with Enrico. Very fair. Noted the phrase “if proven in court”.

Yesterday at 4:40am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Sorry for not being able to answer some questions guys. It was hard to have dinner with family and tap on a touch phone at the same time.

Yesterday at 4:43am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Just to clarify I’m sure that there are press editors in the Phils. When i was once a technical writer in Thailand, my job was to gather facts based on evidence. Got hired also by UN because of that skill. I guess when reporting using many languages to…See More

Yesterday at 4:56am · Like

Jing Lotho Wow wow Ferdinand Marcos in the making. You were not born yet Marcos brought the philippines to instability and poor country. Like binay he will show and give the good things and the end result is corruption greed and hoard the country’s wealth and the filipino souls. Illusion. Of grandeur as any man in power. …. stop stop stop before your generation collapse.

Yesterday at 7:09am · Like

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Marcos? I also heard the other side of the story but as Jing Lotho said I was not born yet – although remembered that those were the times I was overseas. Then, I won’t know then.

Yesterday at 9:24am · Like

Wylie Chavez “if proven in court”…true.. whether his case is being heard in a court or the Senate hearing, he should be held accountable. I never discounted the importance or relevance of the court. But i am just amused because this is opposed to your original …See More

Yesterday at 9:43am · Like · 3

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Thanks for your opinion Wylie Chavez – you are entitled to that. It’s been a pleasurable experience exchanging views with you! Unfortunately or fortunately, we also have laws in the land. I am only against convicting people without due process. I was a…See More

Yesterday at 9:56am · Like

Wylie Chavez noted..and let me state my original disgust. which is Binay’s statement stating it is wrong to compare government building with private buildings. nothing in my statement says he should be convicted without due process…and studying his life may be a…See More

Yesterday at 10:06am · Like · 1

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Ah now I know. I was confused with between typo and topo as per this explanation. Thanks again:…/cran/kohonen/docs/topo.error


topo.error {kohonen} | inside-R | A Community Site for R

The function implements two forms of what is…

Yesterday at 10:06am · Like · Remove Preview

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Noted – by now his office may already be working on what you requested. Big help.

Yesterday at 10:08am · Like

Enrico Abellana Php 2.7B?….


Yesterday at 10:27am · Like · 1

Elena Grace Giangan Flores I appreciate your sentiments guys – just keep on posting as you wish. All your posts will automatically be linked to VP Bnay’s official site for further action. Thanks for your cooperation.

Yesterday at 10:30am · Like · 1

Wylie Chavez yup that is the building of contention Enrico…if my house would cost me 30M and then regress to such a hell-like state in a short time, i would throw more than a fit…but let us give the man “due process”! i just hope he would explain the “why” more than just deny with a “no evidence” shout out…

Yesterday at 10:34am · Edited · Unlike · 2

Enrico Abellana Elena Grace Giangan Flores keep your sarcasm to yourself and just let us be with our own opinions…

Yesterday at 10:39am · Like · 2

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Ok Enrico Abellana. This will be my last comment. I have done my part here as a concerned citizen. Wish you all luck guys! Appreciate you Wylie Chavez for giving me the chance to interact with you. Please feel free to PM me if you want me to answer.

Yesterday at 10:42am · Like · 1

Phil Zandrex Montaño peace!

19 hrs · Like

Kristian Rei Monterde I know I said that I’m done with this post but let me just say, OH MY GOD. Evidence? Facts? Yet first to judge the author of this ‘thread’? And can’t answer a simple question because u were eating dinner? How long fo you usually eat dinner? 2 days?? Haha oh my god.

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Kristian Rei Monterde *do you

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Follow up:

Jofel Hilaga Kristian Rei Monterde Enrico Abellana
Friends, our friend, ms elena, wrote thus:
“Debates can bring out true colors of people involved. The use of sorry, thank you and excuse me can easily separate the gentlemen from those who just fulfill their needs to win because of a very large ego. It is sad that in my recent experiment with a group of young executives in Cebu through FB, only one or two are fair in their statements. The rest just argued for the sake of arguing and often hit the opponent below the belt by being too personal. Given that the opposition is a grandmother and a woman at that as declared in the earlier stage, there were no signs of respect. Even so, it is their words that can make or break them. Watch these men out in my next blog with links to their background. You will be amazed!”

ms elena, my take on this.
Yes we have opposing views.
And yes the exchanges and arguments do get heated up, but such is the beauty of a debate: passion-filled statements, and sometimes humour and pun-laced words.
However, in raising the fact that you are a grandmother, and a woman, you are in effect asking the readers to go easy on you when your words raised more questions and eye brows. I’m sorry but your age and gender has nothing to do with the issue at hand. Respect is given to your opinion because you are entitled to that. Not to your age and gender, because in this accord, all men and women, young and old should be respected.
Lastly, your last statement “watch these men out in my next blog…you will be amazed”, so is this the statement of a grandmother and a lady who is asking for respect but who has “getting back” agenda in her words?

ms elena, you confuse me.

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Kristian Rei Monterde I don’t mind being criticized by people so I’m excited to read her blog. I’m an online marketer (SEO and SMO) enthusiast so I can drive traffic towards her website as long as her output is fair. If not, like how she wants respect because she’s old and a woman, then I can destroy her blog.

And wow, an experiment? A very poor choice of channel and topic. A debate is expected for such issues. Not to mention her being the first to go all personal and judgemental. Lol
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Enrico Abellana Look now who’s being judgemental…
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