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Guidelines for Amicable Separation

By: Elena Grace Flores

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English: Amicable House Former Public House on Pump Row (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am delighted to hear today that a dear friend had actually been separated amicably with her abusive ex husband for few years now – and got engaged to a very good man who loves her dearly recently after 3 years of knowing each other. I never understood why she stayed with her ex for too long anyway – but everything has its time. She has raised her daughter well and established a career for herself – and when she got her self esteem back because of her good heart, all the good things in the world started happening to her. Got curious how to properly do an amicable separation agreement and found this:

How to Devise an Amicable Separation Agreement

by: Kelly Mroz, eHow Contributor

The traditional legal system was not designed to deal with divorce, separation, custody, or other family-law issues. Alternative systems are evolving to help families find a process to resolve their differences in a way that allows them to heal rather than fracture, and builds trust rather than animosity. There is a wide range of options available.

Money, properties and custody of children must be dealt with clearly and legally to avoid conflicts in the future. This agreement is meant to be followed to serve its purpose. If both parties are happy with the contract with the help of an expert, they can rebuild their lives happily.



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