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Guinness World of Records’ GREATEST ROBBERY OF A GOVERNMENT File Now Deleted!


By: Elena Grace Flores

Takeru Miyamoto

[VIDEO]: Guinness World of Record’s GREATEST ROBBERY OF A GOVERNMENT is a Hoax

Debunked Guinness World of Record’s File

The website link of the Guinness World of Record’s announcement on the GREATEST ROBBERY OF A GOVERNMENT can’t be found anymore online. This fake news by the late President Cory Aquino serves as the basis of most mainstream media and liberal politicians’ accusations against the Marcoses. Alan Peter Cayetano, Leni Robredo and the likes made this their reference. Now, that it’s already debunked, netizens call them liars!
Click this link to see here:

Bongbong Marcos is Unstoppable

The Guinness World of Records certainly can feel that there’s no stopping for Bongbong Marcos to win the elections this May 2022. So, they better be safe than sorry.

Guinness Fake News

Those personalities that made the Guinness record their reference are clearly the corrupt ones. They tried to mislead the people for many years for their own benefit. Now, karma is real digitally.

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