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Happiness – the Best Measure of Success


By: Gynn Flores


HappinessAre you happy?

How happy are you now?

How much has your Company earned this quarter?

Which question is more significant to you? If you are more concerned about the latter, then one can guess that the answer to the former is not going to be a very positive one.

With this in mind, I was happy to know that the Bhutanese have introduced a Minister for Happiness – yes indeed, a happiness minister.

This kingdom in the Himalayas has a new measurement of national prosperity – “gross national happiness”. By focusing on people’s welfare rather than economic productivity, there is likely to be a knock-on effect for business. After all, a happy workforce makes for a more successful and productive team. They become more creative, focused and inspired with what they do. It makes them inspired to perform well in their jobs.

Success and money can definitely contribute to happiness, but happiness itself is another thing altogether. Words like ‘family’, ‘friends’, ‘love’ and ‘laughter’ have a lot more to do with happiness than words like ‘gross’, ‘capital’, returns and ‘revenue’.

Money is said to be a by-product of bigger, more meaningful goals such as passion, fun and wisdom. I can say, have fun, do good, and the money will come. It is once said that it is the little things that make us happy, money only creates a scenario conducive to happiness.

Perhaps we could learn a thing or two from the Bhutanese and their Minister for Happiness. What other measurements for success are important to you? To the breadwinners, it is the capacity to provide for their family. For the businessman, it is the capacity to earn as projected or better yet, exceed the projections. Regardless of your purpose, happiness comes when you are able to achieve your goals. It gives you a sense of achievement and success. It is like rewards for your best efforts or some like to say the fruits of your own labor.
People have different expectations and in reality it is hard to give a measure to happiness. Regardless of your standards, your total well-being is what is important. Having achieved your goals – be it in business or employment, can make you able to sustain not only your needs but also your wants. Good health should be on top of the list followed by a comfortable home, good nourishment and finally the extras that you desire to have like holidays, gadgets, jewelries, novelty items to name a few.
Having achieved happiness, expect to hear laughter, contentment and a relaxed way of life. This is the life we all should struggle to achieve. It will free us from stress which is the source of most dreaded diseases. This may sound so simple but the reality is, it is s sort of prevention for the negative things to happen like worries, stress, anxiety and unhappiness. If everybody achieves this, we will all live happily wherever we may be. Initiate the effort and be happy.

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